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Leveraging the power of our UK-wide network of employers and volunteers to provide a series of online and onsite events, bringing the world of work to life for young people across all year groups.

Our programme

Building insight

Early insight into the world of work is now more crucial than ever in supporting the development of our young people.

Career Builder offers a timetable of live sessions for students across each year group, mapped against 7/8 Gatsby Benchmarks.

Sessions connect schools and colleges to our UK wide network of employer partners and employee volunteers, helping young people to discover more about the world of work.

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How it works

Live online sessions

Simply complete the form at the bottom of this page to express your interest. Once you have fully registered, you will gain access to a live timetable of online insight sessions.

Sign up to sessions via the Eventbrite link, at which point you will be sent joining information along with the opportunity to save the event in your own online calendar.

We are also on hand to provide guidance and support to schools, colleges, employers, and volunteers. 

Upskill Me for every student

Upskill Me

We are delighted to be launching a partnership with Upskill Me, a digital portfolio platform for young people to track their skill development and showcase their talents.

Our Career Builder sessions come built-in to the Upskill Me platform so, as a follow-up activity, you can encourage your students to log their experiences and reflect on what they’ve learnt through taking part in Career Ready activities.

Like our resources, Upskill Me is absolutely free to schools and students. To find out more about adopting Upskill Me in your school, please visit:

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Further information

Available for £500 per school, per year, Career Builder features a timetable of live, virtually delivered Industry Insights, Masterclasses and Workplace Visits as well as Careers in Conversation sessions. This also includes five on-site activities, either at your school or in the workplace.

Express your interest in Career Builder by completing the form below and a member of our team will get back to you with further details on the registration process.

Once registered you will gain access to a live timetable of bookable sessions available to individual classrooms, small groups or whole year groups. Sessions are clearly marked by year groups/key stages and provide an age 11 to 18 school with up to 27 employer encounters across the academic year. This also includes up to five on-site activities with a maximum of two workplace visits. 

    Young people are now experiencing, and needing to adapt to, a fast-changing labour market, with early preparation and exposure to employers, more crucial than ever in supporting their development. By working with us to deliver Career Builder sessions you can help provide a pivotal link to the world of work for our students as well as offer exciting volunteering opportunities for your staff.

    Career Builder is a timetable of live, virtually delivered Industry Insights, Masterclasses and Workplace Visits as well as Careers in Conversation sessions, including 5 on-site activities, either at school or in the workplace. Sessions covers ages 11-18 and are organised into year groups/key stages.

    Getting involved in our Career Builder programme provides you with a package of support which includes:

    • Pre-designed materials and resources
    • Student and volunteer feedback
    • Access to a network of circa 40,000 young people 11-18 years old
    • Brand profile through circulation of digital content on social media and newsletter distributed to over 400 schools
    • Volunteer recruitment and training
    • Volunteering opportunities for your staff

    Find out more about our employer partnerships.