Every year, thousands of young people on the Career Ready programme enjoy a mentoring relationship. So we wanted to share five reasons why becoming a mentor is a great way to volunteer.

Pass on your skills

Mentoring is a fantastic way to pass on your skills to the next generation and help them kickstart their futures.

Every year, thousands of our young people report that their mentor has helped transform their lives by providing them with skills they need for career success. From communication and networking to developing new digital skills, it all has the power to transform their ability succeed in education and employers, helping them to achieve their potential.

Enhance your own professional development

But mentoring doesn’t just help young people.

Mentors are able to develop and showcase leadership skills, build connections with people from different backgrounds, and their ability to help others develop new skills. In fact, 91% of Career Ready volunteers rate their mentoring and coaching skills as good or better by the end of their volunteering experience.

“Being a manager and leader involves the same skills as being a mentor: listening, coaching, and building relationships. It helped me build the skills I needed for my promotion.”

Mark Axworth, Aviva

Add value to your business

The value of mentoring is not limited to just those who volunteer or are directly supported. It also has the potential to add business value to organisations. Our research shows that the benefits that volunteering provides in terms of upskilling and wellbeing is more pronounced on those who are part of an employee volunteering scheme.

Indeed, across all areas, those who were part of an employee volunteering scheme experienced a greater impact than those who volunteered on an individual basis. More generally, three quarters of volunteers believe employee volunteering schemes have a positive impact on employers, rising to 84% for those who are already part of such a scheme.

Working with Career Ready is a great way to help our junior staff develop the skills needed to become managers, and it gives me the opportunity to see what potential team leaders I’ve got.

Nancy Flint, Citi

Transform a young person’s aspirations

Mentoring has the power to open up a young person’s horizons to things they never thought possible. Whether it’s developing insights into a sector or role they never knew existed, or developed a passion for learning new things, our students share how they’ve discovered their new passions thanks to the support of their mentor.

Boost your wellbeing with a rewarding experience

The personal benefits of mentoring are not just limited to the development of hard and soft skills. Taking time away from the office and supporting a young person has the potential to boost wellbeing and provide an enriching experience.

Indeed, in our The Power of Volunteering report, a survey showed that 72% of mentors experienced a positive impact on their wellbeing and, in over half of cases, there was a positive impact in the mentor’s work life.

My wellbeing has improved knowing that I’m helping a pupil through their final stages at school. Work life is exceptionally hectic these days and it’s good to have time to spend focussing on something other than day-to-day work.

Alison Mundie, Dundee City Council

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