Tokunbo Ajasa-Oluwa shares how our new 2021-24 strategy will grow our work across the UK, #InvestInYoungTalent and future-proof businesses.

Young people are facing unprecedented challenges. The pandemic has fundamentally changed the lives and career prospects of young people. Education has been disrupted, workplaces shut, life-defining opportunities cut. And no one has been hit harder than those we seek to support: young people whose talents and potential all too often go overlooked or undiscovered.

That’s why, as we enter our 20th year, it is time for us to grow our reach and deepen our impact where it truly matters.

I’m delighted to be leading Career Ready as we embark on a three-year journey to grow our support, deepen our impact, and further invest in young talent.


First, we will move towards guaranteeing an internship for every young person our programme by 2024.  As our recent ‘Career Ready at 18’ research report found, nothing has the power to transform young lives like the opportunity to spend four-weeks working for an employer. Working with our new and existing employer partners, we will therefore ensure this is made possible for all our students.

Second, recognising that the need for our work does not end when a student leaves school or college, we will expand our offer to support young people up to the age of 25. By extending our programme, we will ensure that alumni have access to the workplace opportunities, volunteer support, and ongoing professional development they need to thrive in education and employment.

And, to underpin this, we will grow the range of employer sectors we work with, especially in industries which are facing a future skills shortage or are passion points for Generation Z. Moreover, we will find new, innovative ways to grow our work with small and medium enterprises so that the full breadth of the business community is able to play an active role in supporting young people.

This ambitious journey can only be made possible with the help of others. That’s why we’re calling on employers of all sizes and sectors to partner with us. Together, we can future-proof businesses, invest in young people and transform their futures.

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