Caroline McKenna, CEO of Social Good Connect, shares how employee volunteering has the power to transform workplaces and local communities.

The last year has shown the importance of communities coming together. Being there for others when they need it the most can have a life-changing difference. This is what inspired us to set up Social Good Connect six months ago.

We believe that it should be easier for people and business to have an impact in their local community. Through our digital search and match platform, we will connect employee volunteer with physical and virtual volunteering opportunities in a wide variety of UK charities, including Career Ready.

Closer links, wider impact

The partnerships we create in Scotland and gradually England will help employers forge closer links to their employees and communities and give back in a focused and more formal way. Employee volunteering helps staff feel energised through taking on roles outside their work that offer a real sense of purpose.

They have the freedom to choose activities that feed their soul, develop their skills and allow them to give back on their own terms, and we know that mentoring is one of the ways to do that. It’s an easy way for companies to make a positive social impact and it means that charities like Career Ready get access to a new audience of volunteers with professional skills across all sectors.

Volunteering adds value

The employers we work with tell us that the wellbeing and motivation of their teams is a key reason they signed up, especially at such a challenging time where professionals as well as elderly or struggling individuals in the community are feeling more isolated.  Volunteering as a mentor to a young student would mean that as well as lending their professional skills, experience and perspective, employees can develop themselves with their employer’s full support whilst transforming a young person’s prospects.

Mentoring school-leavers from different socio-economic circumstances is also a great way for all types of employers to expand their talent pools. It connects them in new ways to the communities they serve in and recruit from and helps them increase their diversity and inclusivity. There are many different types of employer on our platform  – from every kind of sector – that through this partnership could have access to school-leavers they may never have met via more traditional recruitment routes.

We know these are all strong areas of interest that employers who’ve signed up to Social Good Connect care about. We’re really looking forward to working together to increase our collective social impact across Dundee, Scotland and beyond!

Career Ready are proud to work in collaboration with Social Good Connect in Dundee, where they are supporting a young person via mentoring and a paid internships, as well as connecting Career Ready with other employers and volunteers via their platform.

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