Wojciech Ilowski is an Industry Operations Leader at Marsh and a Career Ready mentor. Here, he shares how volunteering has added value to Marsh.

At Marsh, our people want to give back, but where they sometimes get stuck is knowing how to do that. Structured volunteering programmes like Career Ready make it very easy– it’s pretty much ready-made.

All we’ve got to do is source colleagues, and Career Ready gives them a structured and meaningful volunteering opportunity. Career Ready’s role is also a catalyst because they understand both the private sector and the school reality.

On one hand, we’re adding volunteering hours to our social impact reporting, which is a very big benefit – but another big benefit is employee engagement. It generates energy.

Particularly during the pandemic, having the opportunity to volunteer and see your company make an active investment gives people a boost, it gives people purpose. They respect the company’s commitment. And it’s not just something that’s at a board level in a strategy document, it translates to their level.

When I ask people to volunteer, I always get an enthusiastic yes – but they often feel a lack of confidence in their ability to do it. The number one concern is not the time commitment, it’s ‘can I add value to the student?’ But as a mentor you see the student grow – just the fact that they have somebody from a big company talking to them and treating them as an equal helps them grow their confidence and the skills that follow, irrespective of anything else.

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