Mark Smith, Chief Operating Officer at Career Ready, talks about the launch of our new partnership with Arctic Shores and how it will help our young people make more informed decisions about their future career options. 

I’m delighted to be able to share the launch of an exciting and innovative new partnership between Career Ready and Arctic Shores

A key aspect of our work at Career Ready is how we can equip our young people with the tools and insight to navigate a complex and changing jobs market, and so in ways that are engaging, innovative and real.

Helping the young people we support to understand their potential is vital. Working against stereotypes, barriers (both real and perceived), perception, doubts and fears while raising expectations, aspiration and confidence in our young people is what we do, and it’s crucial if we want to live and work in a genuinely diverse and inclusive world; we can’t afford to leave any young person behind.

I knew about the wonderful work of Arctic Shores from a previous life.

I knew that they produced stunning personal insights through gamification.

I knew that a lot of employers used them as part of their recruitment and selection processes

I knew that they were an organisation committed to doing the right thing and making a lasting difference in their global communities

I also knew that the insight their technology delivered could be hugely valuable to the young people we work with and I was delighted that they were inspired to work with us on a pilot programme that is launching this week.


This week all 100 of our summer interns placed with Citi, in London and Belfast will be given the chance to complete a game based assessment; this assessment will provide them with unique insight into themselves as well as practical experience of the type of psychometric game based selection that many employers now use.


This personal insight will be used by the young people to get the very best experience out of their internship with Citi it will also be invaluable for helping them understand what they’re uniquely capable of and how they can use those skills to pursue a fulfilling and rewarding career based on their talent and aptitude, a future they can work towards with confidence.

In Arctic Shores we have the most amazing partner – their culture, vision and purpose align closely to ours, and their people have been fabulous at tuning the materials for our young people and working with us to deliver the very best experience for the young people. We’re excited by the potential of this partnership and are working to roll it out to every single young person going on to an internship next summer.

There is so much need in all our communities to better prepare our young people for the world of work that awaits them. Skills, experience, personal awareness and knowledge of what opportunities are available are all crucial, as is the need to engage in new, innovative and relevant ways. This partnership with Arctic Shores is an amazing opportunity for us, them and all the young people who will benefit from it – I can’t wait to see where it goes from here.