Do I need a DBS to become a masterclass presenter?

As masterclasses are delivered to groups of students, an active DBS with Career Ready is not required.

A teacher and/or Career Ready staff member will also be present.

How long does it take to deliver a masterclass?

On average it takes an hour to deliver a masterclass, excluding travel time.

Where do masterclasses take place?

Masterclasses take place in either the workplace or, if more appropriate, in the school or college.

If hosted in the workplace, it’s always a great idea to combine it with a workplace visits to make it an even richer experience for the students.

What support will I be provided?

We provide a range of templates and guidance documents to make things even easier for you.

The resources for masterclasses are complete and ready to deliver but we are happy for volunteers to adapt as they wish to reflect their sector and role. Masterclasses have been tried-and-tested and your Regional Manager will support you with training.

How many students will I be presenting to?

It does vary, but you can expect to be delivering to between 10-30 young people. We will always give you a clearer idea when liaising on the planning of the masteclass