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Our 2021-24 Strategic Plan 

Growing our work
across the UK to #InvestInYoungTalent
and transform lives 

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We believe that every young person deserves the opportunity to enjoy a rewarding future. However, the lives of far too many young people are still determined by background, not potential.

That’s why, over the next three years, we will grow our work and solidify our position as a sustainable charity that boosts social mobility for more young people across the UK.  We have six core goals to help make this possible: 

Our research shows that nothing has the potential to transform a young person’s skills, confidence, and future like a paid internship. Yet only 33% of students across EWNI, the majority in London, experience a paid internship, compared to 100% in Scotland.

To make a deep impact with real social returns, we will grow the volume of students that receive a paid internship and experience the full Career Ready programme.

We will grow an Alumni Network to support former students aged 18-25, providing them with the ongoing opportunities, development, and volunteer support they need to thrive in education and employment.

We will achieve sector growth at companies in the FTSE 350, sectors that reflect high degrees of skills shortages, and sectors that reflect popular passion points for Generation Z. Crucially, we will also unlock our ability to work with SMEs across the U.K

Over the next three years we will give our employer partners the data and insights which evidences the added value working with us has to their business. Our impact data will also provide transparency and highlight areas that require improvement to maintain the high-quality standards that we and our supporters expect.

We will focus on improving our internal functionality alongside piloting and embedding new digital tools which enhance and capture the impact we make to young people’s lives. This approach will enable us to make an informed decision on what will add value to their career. Growing our digital infrastructure will also be a gamechanger when it comes to our data capture.

We will grow new revenue streams whilst also enhancing the efficiency of our cost base. And all new projects and growth into new centres and/or areas will be stress tested against a new framework which ensures long-term sustainability. We will also prioritise growing our profile and align ourselves to the U.K. government’s ‘levelling up’ agenda and the increased significance of ESG agendas within the business community.

You can play a leading role in making this possible. Whether you’re a company – large or a small – or an individual wishing to make a difference, there’s a range of ways for you to become an agent for change. 



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