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"We will inspire the next generation and ensure construction is a career of choice not chance." -  Rachel Wooliscroft, Group Sustainability Director, Wates

Think Build provides young people with opportunities to succeed in the building industry. By connecting companies and schools, it will ensure that the next generation has the skills and experience to succeed. 

With the support of employers, young people from lower-income backgrounds are provided with internships, mentoring, masterclasses, and workplace visits required to address the building industry's future skill shortage. There are currently 135 young people on the programme across London, Birmingham, Manchester, and Cardiff.

Internships are key in creating a talent pipeline, we value the Think Build students who come to learn from us.It's also a great opportunity for your staffs' own development.

Nina Hughes, Community Investment Advisor, Wates 

With 98% of graduates progressing to positive destinations, Think Build provides a diverse and socially mobile talent pipeline for employers: 


Why Think Build is needed

Generating approximately £100bn every year for the economy, the building industry is vital to the UK's prosperity.

However, the sector faces a significant skills shortage, with almost one-fifth of vacancies classified as hard to fill. Far too few apprentices and graduates are entering the sector, a situation worsened by the fact that almost 400,000 current workers are expected to retire over the next decade.

Think Build will help ensure that the building industry has a pipeline of talented, experienced, and diverse young people.  

You can’t gain experience like I did from a textbook- it’s a hands-on way to learn. Internships can differentiate your application form the next candidate. It will be the foundation of my career. 

Hannah Daly | Think Build intern at Banyards, now an apprentice at Wates

How you can get involved 

This is your chance to tap into a diverse talent pipeline and enjoy the business benefits which the Career Ready programme can bring to your organisation.

From providing internships to delivering presentations on career opportunities and skills, there are many ways in which your company can get involved  and benefit.

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The Think Build Network 

Working with Career Ready is a great fit for Arcadis as they support our vision of 'Improving Quality of Life'. It is vital that the construction industry shares as much knowledge about career opportunities as possible - especially with the skills shortage facing the industry.

Kerry Sneddon, Emerging Talent Manager, Arcadis

We rely on the support of the following building industry employers to provide employee volunteers and/or opportunities for our students to experience the world of work: 

Whether you work in the industry and want to volunteer or you are responsible for coordinating HR/CSR, our friendly team would be happy to hear from you.

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This toolbox has been created for use by Think Build partners to promote the programme and their successes. This resource contains an overview of the PR Toolbox. 

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This toolbox has been created for use by Think Build partners to promote the programme and their successes.