Student Application

If you are interested in joining the Career Ready programme at your school or college, you'll need to apply. 

On the application form you will be asked to give the following information:

  1. Basic information about you including contact details - the primary email address and password you provide will be used to log in and update your profile in the future 
  2. Additional information - we also need a little more information about you, as well as contact details for your parent/guardian and an emergency contact
  3. The right to work - one of the core activities of our programme is an internship or work placement. Therefore, you will need to provide your National Insurance number, and confirm that you have a current bank account (or will be willing to open one)
  4. Education and qualifications - an overview of your studies, hobbies, and interests and some information about previous jobs you have had including exam results and predicted grades
  5. Why you want to join the programme - this is your opportunity to explain how our programme could help you, what skills you would like to develop and your current plans for the future.

All the information you provide will be kept securely and confidentially in accordance with the Career Ready privacy policy.

If you have any questions about the application or the Career Ready programme, please speak to your Career Ready coordinator at your school or college.

Apply to be a Student on the programme

Once you've completed all the sections of your application will be considered by your Career Ready coordinator who will decide if you are suitable for the programme, and you may then be invited to attend an interview with a panel, which will include your Career Ready coordinator and some local business supporters.