Megan Webster from The City of London Academy in Southwark enjoyed a paid, four-week internship at Career Ready, where she worked to support our programme work across the borough. Here, Megan shares how her internship gave her the skills to feel confident in her next steps towards career success.

I was lucky enough to secure an internship at Career Ready UK where I was in charge of the Southwark Alumni project tracking. This involved contacting previous students of the programme and seeing where they are now and how/if at all the programme has helped them. To do so, I developed questionnaires using Survey Monkey to send out to our past students where we could gather data on the success of the program.

This was a challenging task as it’s a very small target audience meaning that the amount of responses was likely to be low leaving us with data that only represents a small amount of people. I had to figure a way around this. I enjoyed this as I really like working with people in order to solve a problem.

On my internship I was able to learn how to use many applications which I’d never heard of before, some examples being campaign monitor, CMS, salesforce and the Career Ready dashboard. All of these applications aided me through my internship as they made completing tasks a lot easier than before. As well as completing my role, I also ensured that I asked around the office for anyone in need of help which lead to me learning even more tasks such as uploading internships, creating new accounts and contacts and also completing interns payroll.  

Whilst on my internship I was given lots of opportunities to visit different workplaces and meet many different interns on the programme. One of the places I visited was Salesforce, where a masterclass was being held on employability skills, although I had already started my internship this was helpful as different people have different views on what skills they look for when recruiting and they also have different experiences when it comes to work.

I also visited Freshfields where I sat through some insightful talks, one in which interested me was the cyber security talk held by Will Emmett who kept it very engaging as he showed us a live map of the cyber hacks currently happening and made it very relevant to what we experience. I then partook in speed networking at Baker McKenzie where I found out about roles I’d never heard of before and learnt a lot about the ethos of the company. One of my favourite moments was Citi’s Global Community Day, where me and the Citi interns helped to renevate parts of Mile End park in a way of giving back to the community.

Throughout my internship I was able to sit through multiple meetings which I can say I thoroughly enjoyed as I’d never sat in one before and it was interesting to see how they work. In my last week I had to evaluate the data I had gathered and find a way suitable to present this to the Southwark LAB. To consolidate my internship, I completed my end of internship presentation which I had been making over my 4 weeks, to summarise my time at Career Ready and to show off what I had done whilst being there.

I feel as though I developed many relevant skills over my 4 weeks such as: problem solving, managing myself, taking feedback, resourcefulness, communication skills and organisational skills.

All of these skills I am able to apply to different situations and in my future career path I will be able to use these skills to increase my employability level. I can identify that the skill of being able to take feedback was definitely one in which I now value most as in a working environment it is imperative that you sometimes ask for feedback on your work as people have different ideas to you and different ways of looking at things. This allows you to learn and improve.

As well as learning these skills, I was open to learning about the experiences of my colleagues and the pathways they took to get where they are today. This opened my mind and showed me that everyone’s path is different and there isn’t a correct route to take. Without this internship I wouldn’t know half the things I now do about the world of work and I wouldn’t have gained some of the crucial skills for career success.

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