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Career Ready & Aviva – working together in partnership

Our partnership with Aviva began in 2013 in Glasgow and Perth, Scotland. Since then, Aviva’s support has grown to help enable our work across the UK in London, York, Bristol and Sheffield. 

How we work together 

Aviva is one of our strategic funding partners and supports young people on our programme across the UK. Over the life of our partnership they have provided: 

  • 118 paid internships
  • 131 mentors
  • 5 Local Advisory Board members 
  • Masterclasses and workplace visits 
  • A Capital Experience support 
  • Sponsorship of our ‘School of the Year’ award 
  • Venue space for employer events 

Working in collaboration with our Regional Managers, Aviva has dedicated individuals who lead activity on the ground in all our partnership areas. This results in yearly growth of mentors, internships, workplace visits and masterclasses being delivered. The local leads strive to embed the programme within the community, making links beyond Aviva and supporting local young people to achieve their potential.

It’s been a really useful networking opportunity as it brings together people interested in employability skills, removing barriers and encouraging young people to reach their potential. It’s given me the opportunity to develop my skills in stakeholder management, strategic thinking, and decision making. Being involved in making decision about how the programme is operating within your area allows me the insight to keep our participation and engagement in the programme relevant and as one of the main flagship employers in the area.

John Duncan, Performance Consultant, Aviva | Mentor and Perth & Kinross LAB member

Rachel Glaze, UK Resourcing Lead at Aviva, encourages colleagues across Aviva to get involved with all of the volunteering opportunities available through Career Ready. This partnership with a national charity is helping young people to find out about the range of job options at large companies like Aviva, as well as giving them valuable skills and knowledge to prepare them for working life. Rachel is also a member of the National Advisory Board, using her experience and knowledge to help shape the programme of the future.

Key achievements 

We are delighted that our partnership with Aviva has enjoyed year-on-year growth, ensuring that – together – we are able to help more young people develop the skills and experience they need to enjoy the futures their talent deserves. 

Aviva is one of the highest-ranked employers of Career Ready graduates, having hired eight students in Scotland since 2013.

My internship showed me that I could make a difference and be of real value to an organisation. It also highlighted some skills I didn’t even realise I had and ultimately helped me identify which of those skills employers are looking for. 

Andrew McFarlane, Blairgowrie High School, Perth & Kinross | Now at Aviva 

Recent surveys of Aviva internship supervisors and interns found that: 

  • 78% of supervisors said their intern added value to their team
  • 100% of interns developed their communications and networking skills
  • 100%  of interns now better understand workplace behaviours
  • 100% of interns increased their confidence
  • 100% of interns would consider working for Aviva in the future

Having a young perspective on things like our marketing and communications has proved to be a real asset. Having talented individuals from the Career Ready programme around to contribute to all sorts of projects has led to real change in our office.

Sally Dillon, Optimisation Lead, Finance Operations, Aviva | York LAB Chair 

Success stories

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