We began working with Aberdeenshire Council in 2013, working with three schools, supported by BP. Since then the partnership has helped over 300 young people experience the world of work and develop the skills, confidence and behaviours needed to kickstart rewarding futures. We now work in 11 schools and we look forward to growing our work and impact across the region. 

Our work in Aberdeenshire 

Thanks to our network of supportive employers we have been able to provide our young people with: 

Career Ready provides valuable mentoring and real work experience for young people at a pivotal time in their lives – we are achieving something meaningful through the work we do together. Alongside Aberdeenshire Council’s overall involvement in Career Ready, I firmly believe that individual action and commitment is important, which is why I’m mentoring David from Meldrum Academy and enjoying seeing him develop as we work and learn together.

Jim Savege, CEO Aberdeenshire Council

The geography and local labour market of Aberdeenshire often makes it challenging for young people to transition from education to employment and they have to plan carefully where they work. Indeed, many of our internships are based in Aberdeen City, who we share a joint LAB with, and our young people have risen to the challenge of commuting and making the very best of their opportunities.  

The success of our partnership is also made possible thanks to the high-level of support and commitment by Alison Robertson, the Local Authority Coordinator. 

Our network of local employers 

There is some amazingly supportive business out there in Aberdeenshire yet there is more room to grow that support across the region so that more schools look to engage with the programme and enable their students to develop their essential skills for career success that will see them confidently take their place in whichever working community they choose.

This as an excellent way to give back some time and advice to local youngsters who are at that crossroads between school and the workplace and unsure about what turn to take, be it further education or on the job training. As a business, I see benefits for some of our younger managers to be involved in mentoring as it allows them to develop their own skills.  I’ve personally mentored three students myself and I’m delighted that we also have six past and present mentors in the business. 

Mike Bruce | Managing Director, Morrison Construction 

The difference we’ve made 



Our partnership with Career Ready helps young people understand the fantastic range of STEM careers that exist and provides high-quality work experience which adds real value to BP with interns working alongside experienced BP employees.

Tim L.K. Smith | Vice President Communications & External Affairs, BP North Sea

Our success stories 

“My internship at Bon Accord Care has genuinely been one of the best things I’ve ever done. It made me feel more confident about myself and it gave me the opportunity to do things I never thought I could do.” – Abbie Welsh, Meldrum Academy | Our 2019 Student of the Year for Aberdeenshire 

“Being mentored by Derek and having an internship has really helped me to grow as a person.” – Eilidh Morrison, Kemnay Academy | Our 2018 Aberdeenshire Student of the Year

“My self-confidence has been transformed” – Ashley Whyte, Meldrum Academy | Our 2017 Aberdeenshire Student of the Year

“It gives young people a real opportunity to see and participate in the workplace and have a mentor that really cares for them and their career aspirations.” – Alec Carstairs | Chair of the Local Advisory Board for Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire and a member of the Scottish Advisory Board

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