There is the mistaken belief that there are no opportunities out there for young people. Career Ready is a massive opportunity to make connections, learn about work, gain experience and to help figure out what it is you want to do in the future.

Shawnie Wright, Career Ready student, Glasgow 

The Career Ready programme offers an exciting and challenging mixture of experiential and practical learning to help young people develop the skills, knowledge and attributes they need for work.

Students take part in our structured two-year programme in addition to their studies during S5 and S6 at school. But it is the way that classroom learning is linked to direct contact with the workplace and employers that makes the Career Ready programme stand out.

Your students will be leaving the classroom for one-to-one mentoring, masterclasses, workplace visits and an internship. These activities happen either after school or at a time to ensure that any interruption to students’ school studies are minimized.

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At the heart of the Career Ready management structure is the LAB (Local Advisory Board) partnership, working with the Local Authority, schools and employers. The LAB partnership ensures that your students are getting the practical knowledge and experience they need for the modern workplace and helps strengthen your ties with local employers.

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Before I started Career Ready I hadn’t many targets for my future, but now I am a completely different person. As well as improving my confidence and skills, I am also opening several doors in terms of job opportunities. It’s been a life changer and I know I’m definitely going places.

Ross Brown, Career Ready student, Glasgow

Starting a Career Ready programme takes planning and a willingness to fulfill certain obligations so that we can ensure consistency and quality across the Career Ready brand. However, the benefits to your students, the raising of your school’s profile and the networks you create with local employers, makes your effort worthwhile.

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