Career Ready Student of the Year Award proudly supported by Leidos

The Career Ready Student of the Year Award, proudly supported by Leidos, recognises the students who have made the most progress during their Career Ready experience. That does not necessarily mean the best students or those with the highest academic results, but those who have come furthest on their Career Ready journey.


Students can be nominated by school coordinators and mentors. Winners will be selected in each of the following nations and regions:

  • Scotland
  • Northern Ireland
  • South of England (London, South East, Essex, Cambridge, Plymouth, Poole)
  • North of England and Wales (Midlands, North East, North West, Wales)

One overall UK winner will be selected from the regional winners and will be announced at the national Career Ready Awards Ceremony in London in April 2019.


Nominated students must:

  • have successfully completed a four week internship
  • have an ongoing relationship with their mentor
  • have committed to attend their masterclasses

Award criteria

The award recognises the students who have had the most transformational journey on the Career Ready programme. You are asked to provide a written statement of 500 words in length (typically a single side of A4) explaining how you think this student has made significant progress over the course of the programme.

This is your chance to ensure your nominated student stands out. You could consider some of the following points in your statement:

  • The differences you see in the student now, compared with the beginning of the programme
  • Attendance at masterclasses, internship performance and the quality of their mentor relationship
  • Examples of the student showing commitment to the programme, for example by helping at events or applying for further experiences
  • Relationships with peers, teachers and employers
  • The career aspirations the student has now that are different or more defined as a result of their Career Ready experience
  • The student’s achievements during the programme (personally and for the wider school community)
  • Their future plans – we would expect nominated students to demonstrate clear thinking around their career paths on leaving school, e.g. progressing to an apprenticeship, college, university, school-leaver programme or into employment

Nomination and judging process

To nominate your student, please complete the online nomination form by Monday 18 February 2019. Any incomplete nominations or nominations received after that time will not be considered. All nominations will be acknowledged by email.

If you are a school coordinator, please ensure you have the supporting statement from the student’s mentor.

If you are a mentor, please send your supporting statement to their School Coordinator explaining why you believe your mentee is deserving of the award.

Nominations will be judged at a regional level during February.

Those nominees selected to go forward to the national judging process will be invited to an on-line national judging interview in early March where they will be interviewed by a panel for approximately 30 minutes and asked to deliver a presentation – we suggest a maximum of six PowerPoint slides.

The decision of the judging panel will be final and there will be no appeal procedure.