Headstart application form

To be able to apply for the Headstart programme you need to be studying in year 12 or S5 and you will need to answer a few generic questions and highlight in fewer than 400-500 words why you should be accepted onto the programme.

Top tip: you may want to copy and paste from a word document. Try to make your application stand out! Please refer to the downloadable eligibility guide for more information.


Section 1 - Your details


What subjects are you studying? Please state up to six subjects and qualifications in the format "Maths A-Level"


Section 2 - Eligibility

Please tick the boxes below to confirm that you meet the eligibility criteria. Students must:

be 17 or younger on 21 August 2020
be interested in studying science, technology, engineering or maths (STEM) degree and pursuing a STEM career after school/college
confirm that, if successful, they will agree to take part in any publicity required to promote Headstart in future years
be available to take part in the residential course in July/August 2020 – please note you will need parental consent
write a Case Study about your time while on the placement

Please note your School/College Coordinator will be contacted to confirm you meet all these criteria. 

Section 4 - Supporting statement

In a maximum of 500 words please explain why you think you think you should be selected for Headstart. Please read the supporting statement guidance on the invitation email.

Supporting statement*