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As Deputy Head Teacher in one of the first Career Ready schools in Scotland, I saw first hand the impact of the programme on my students.  They transformed before my eyes and the growth in their self belief and confidence was something every teacher hopes for but which can be hard to achieve in school.  I learnt a huge amount about the world of work and employer engagement which allowed me to take forward the set up of Career Ready in all of Edinburgh’s 23 secondary schools.

Liz Turnbull, Previous 16+ Manager, Edinburgh City Council

The key to Career Ready’s success in giving students new opportunities is the three-way partnership between the Local Education Authority and its schools, employers and us. We work closely with the Local Authority supporting the programme in an area through a Local Authority  coordinator, who in turn supports each school’s Career Ready coordinator.

The Local Authority coordinator’s role is to ensure that individual schools are part of a network of educationalists and that each school’s Career Ready coordinator is able to be efficient and effective in their role, , while we supply the employer supporters, resources, networks and knowledge. To provide this service, we charge a one-off joining fee of £500 per school and an annual fee of £100 for each student on the programme, which are normally paid by the Local Authority.

In many ways, the success of the programme is down to the coordinators and how they support the students and mentors, who often tell us how welcomed and appreciated they feel as those relationships develop and grow. It’s really a pleasure to work with them to make the magic happen, and I look forward to getting to know them better and supporting them to continue to do what they do, so that in partnership, we make a real difference to these student’s futures.

Caroline Johnstone, Regional Manager, Central Belt (West)

The Career Ready Director for Scotland leads a team of Regional Managers, who are the main point of contact for Local Authorities and their schools partnering with us. They will help set up and run the programme and use their knowledge of your area to recruit local employers and connect you to Career Ready national employer supporters .

We will also link you to a network of Local Authorities and schools across Scotland, to add to the the national conversation on the future of career pathways,  advice and employer engagement.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is about making sure the programme delivers the highest possible experience for students. It’s about supporting and improving their employability chances and making you stand out in this field.

Jenny Barber, Director of Programmes, Career Ready

Quality Assurance is one of the reasons why the Career Ready programme has been so successful. It is built into our programme so that every aspect of the experience is monitored, reviewed and continually improved. This ensures that your students get the best chance to acquire our Skills for Career Success, while you build a reputation as a school of excellence, whose students go on to good jobs, university or college. It also helps us ensure national consistency and spread good practice.  

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