The futures of far too many young people are determined by background, not talent. Our mission is to fix this by connecting young people and employers. 

Those from affluent backgrounds are 80% more likely to be in a professional job than their working class peers.
Britain’s elite are five times more likely to have attended private school.
Those from working class backgrounds earn 24% less a year than their more affluent peers.
Only 16% of young people on FSM attain at least two A-Levels by the age of 19.

We work with young people and schools & colleges who face barriers in education and employment.

Connecting them with employers and volunteers who provide a network of support, workplace experiences, and insights into the world of work.

of our students will be the first in their family to go to university.
of our students are on Free School Meals.
of our students are from BAME backgrounds, rising to 83% in London.
we work in 66% of the 50 most disadvantaged Local Authorities.

The challenges our young people face are real, yet we do not believe in describing them as disadvantaged.

We see this as a label which simply reinforces negative stereotypes and makes it even harder for young people.

And our young people are advantaged in so many ways. They have talent, ambition, drive. We should not add extra barriers through negative labels.

Our mission is to change stereotypes, empower, and give young talent a platform to flourish.

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