Response to Taking action: Achieving a culture change in careers provision

It is widely recognised that inspiration and information from employers and working people are key to helping young people transition into the world of work. Employers are increasingly keen to actively engage with young people, but this report highlights the difficulties schools and colleges have in linking up with local businesses.

We warmly welcome the latest report from the National Careers Council and agree with many of their findings. In particular, we support their recommendation that the Government should provide more support to schools and colleges to identify the appropriate careers provision for their students.

Over the past 12 years, Career Academies UK has worked closely with some of the biggest and smallest employers across the country to provide an innovative programme of internships, mentoring, masterclasses and workplace visits to prepare young people for the world of work. 

Our experience has shown us that young people, particularly those who may lack access to the networks and role models of their wealthier peers, can really benefit from this practical understanding of the world of work. There is an increasing appetite too from employers to engage with schools and colleges, not only to develop connections with their local community but also to establish a talent pipeline for future recruitment.

However, schools struggle to know how to make and maintain contact with local employers. This report identifies that as a key problem and makes strong recommendations on how to address it. 

Notes to editors 

  • Career Academies UK has been cited in both statutory government careers guidance for schools and recent guidance for FE and sixth-form colleges as a “go-to” organisation for employer engagement. 
  • We work with more than 150 schools and colleges across the UK who operate more than 190 Career Academies, the majority focussed on business and finance and STEM themes. 
  • 85% of Career Academy students consistently progress to positive destinations 
  • More than 5,500 students have graduated from the Career Academy programme since 2002. 
  • We work with 4,000 volunteers from 1,400 employers large and small, including around a quarter of FTSE 100 companies. 
  • One in five employer supporters has employed at least one Career Academy student.