Northern Ireland launch event tests students’ team-working skills

More than 100 new Career Ready students from across Northern Ireland began their Career Ready journey at a launch event in Belfast on Wednesday 30 November.

The event, hosted by Pathway Activities, brought together students from the six further education colleges and schools that Career Ready works with in the region.

At the event students were arranged into teams and engaged in a range of leadership and management tasks with a group of people that they had never met before.  

Tony Madden, Career Ready Regional Manager for Northern Ireland, said: “Employers expect job applicants to fit into teams, build positive working relationships with co-workers and customers and provide creative solutions to challenging problems. The exercises that students took part in were designed to get them out of their comfort zones and provide situations where they can start to build these types of skills. 

“The students were initially a little quiet in this unfamiliar environment, but they became much more relaxed and embraced the challenges and by the end of the day there was a strong feeling of camaraderie within the group.”

Alan Leckey, the Activity Leader and Tony Madden provided feedback to students based on their observations of students’ participation in the activities and feedback from the Team Leaders to help them improve the skills they developed at the event.