Kincorth Academy visits Career Ready office

Four students from Kincorth Academy in Aberdeen, along with their Career Ready Coordinator, experienced life in the capital last week when they visited the Career Ready head office in Canary Wharf.

They were treated to a trip to the trading floor in the Citi building and met Anne Spackman, the Executive Director, before doing some sightseeing around the city. 

Although one of the newest Career Ready schools, Kincorth Academy has already had a very successful first year. Carrie Ingram completed her internship at Hunting Energy Services International Ltd and impressed so much that they offered her a full-time position as well as putting her through her accountancy exams. She made the decision to leave school to follow this career but expects to stay in contact with her Career Academy mentor. 

After just the first year of the programme, Scott Labrum describes it as "life-changing." During his internship with oilfield service company, Aker Q Serv Ltd., he worked alongside the network technician in their server room and was amazed when they treated him like a fellow colleague and valued his input.

Speaking to Career Ready staff, he described the impact of the internship and the Career Academy programme so far: "I've been a ‘geek’ all my life - seeing how I could use my weird branch of intelligence in a career was such a revelation. It has made me try harder in school and set me a new direction. It is the best thing I have ever done." 

Alan Tullock, Career Ready Coordinator at Kincorth Academy, spoke about the trip:

“We wanted to expose the students to a whole part of the business world that they wouldn’t get to see without being a part of the Career Ready. Their internships were transformational for them, and taught them about local businesses.To then be able to bring them to the heart of the financial district in London – it was such an eye-opener for them. 

"Because they’re the first cohort from our school, it was also lovely for them to realise that they’re part of a much bigger family. Career Ready made them feel really at home and really special."