Career Ready graduates shine at Party Conferences

Career Ready students have spoken at both Labour and Conservative party conferences, describing the impact that our programme has had on their lives. They appeared alongside James Bardrick, Managing Director of Citi UK and one of our Trustees, who was invited to speak about the Career Ready programme and its benefits to social mobility and skills development in young people.

Both events were sponsored by Deloitte and James was joined by two Career Ready alumni who now work for Deloitte. At the Labour event, Raising aspirations: Social mobility as an engine of growth, Career Ready graduate Daniel Clarke described how the programme had given him the confidence and ambition to apply himself when many of his friends turned to crime and have subsequently been sent to prison. In contrast, Daniel applied to university, where he gained a first class honours degree, having achieved just one GCSE at school. He is now working full time in Deloitte’s Audit Department looking after their graduates’ career paths.

Privilege Saungweme, who graduated from the Career Ready programme in 2012, spoke at the Conservative event, British skills in the global race – A manifesto for UK competitiveness and opportunities. Privilege is currently working at Deloitte as part of her Year in Industry during her degree at Aston University. She said: “The best part of being a Career Ready alumni has to be opportunities like this, to share my experience with business and political leaders. My experience on the programme, especially the impact of my mentor and the internship, earned me my place with Deloitte, far more so than my academic learning.”

James Bardrick will also be representing Career Ready at the Liberal Democrats conference in Scotland next week.