Thank you for your commitment to keeping your mentoring relationship going during these difficult times via e-mentoring. We’ve put together some guidance on how best to talk to keep your relationships going in the same positive style.

The health and welfare of our young people, volunteers, and wider network is our utmost priority. Naturally, given the current situation, we are having to make some changes to our programme delivery to best protect all parties.That’s why, until further notice, all mentoring meetings will now be done digitally. 

Platforms for e-mentoring

Here are a few how-to-guides on how to keep in touch:

We encourage you to meet using video conferencing as it will keep a feeling of being connected and ‘attending a meeting’. 

Please keep in mind that not everyone has access to the necessary equipment or space / privacy to carry out video conferencing.  If needed, you could use telephone, messaging system or emails.  

Video conference best practice

  • Make sure you have a strong and stable internet connection
  • Test your mic and speaker beforehand – headphones are always a great idea
  • Make sure you’re in a quiet space
  • Choose an appropriate background
  • Dress as you would in a face-to-face meeting  
  • Speak clearly and one at a time  
  • Remove distractions and don’t browse while you're speaking
  • Remember you’re on webcam!

What to talk about

The mentor and student handbook can still give you a framework for your meetings. Some of the topics covered may not be relevant anymore (e.g. exam prep), however there are plenty of relevant themes left to chose from (e.g interview prep).

Plus there are plenty of subjects you can choose from: 

  • Follow up with any previous conversations you've had if they're still relevant e.g. post school/college options.
  • Questions regarding the current situation, such as how employers and schools are dealing with it. 
  • It's also a great time to talk about 'managing myself' - it might be difficult for some students to adjust to working from home. 


Our safeguarding guidelines remain the same as outlined in our Safeguarding Policy

If you have any questions or would like to chat further then please don’t hesitate to get in touch