Preparing to host an intern

The Career Ready internship takes place during the summer holidays between years 12 and 13. Our four-week internship period typically begins in early July, but we will work with employers to agree dates to suit you.

Our internships are not traditional ‘work experience’, nor are they a mini version of undergraduate or graduate schemes. Students get the chance to experience the working week in a real business environment, doing a job that benefits the employer and putting into practice what they’ve learnt on the programme so far. For some ideas of the types of work you could give a Career Ready intern click here.

All Career Ready students complete a presentation at the end of their internship about their experience. More information can be found in the Internship Employer Handbook.

Tell me more about the benefits

The Internship Supervisor plays an essential role throughout the experience, helping the student to achieve their learning outcomes and develop the skills and attitudes needed in the workplace. For more information on the supervisor role, read our Internship Employer Handbook.

Recruitment and selection process 

We want our students to have a realistic experience of applying for a job - from writing an application to reading and understanding a job description and having an interview.

All students are asked to complete one standard online application form for all internships. In return, we ask that employers complete a job description template for all places they are offering - the deadline for all job descriptions is the end of March. You will be given more details about this, but in the meantime please contact your Career Ready Regional Manager or a member of our Business Development Team for more information. 

Once your JDs are with us we work with our schools and colleges in the relevant regions and ask the coordinator to put forward a suitable student. We are confident that the selection and briefing process all students go through will ensure that a suitable candidate is matched to you and therefore we do not advise you hold a competitive interview process, but just meet the student or students matched to you for a formal discussion. 

After interviewing your student, it is your responsibility to let them know if they have been successful or not. Should you feel that they are not appropriate then you can reject that student and we will identify someone else for you to meet. However, our experience tells us that this only happens in exceptional circumstances and in the main, employers are very pleased with the first student who is matched to them.


By 31 JanuaryEmployers to confirm the number of placements available 
By 27 March Employers complete and send JD forms to Career Ready 
May onwardsEmployers contact students to arrange an interview; students complete onboarding
May - June Internship supervisor briefings delivered by conference call; employers receive internship supervisor toolkits
May - June Health & Safety visits carried out by school coordinators 
6 JulyInternships start across England, Wales, Northern Ireland

Support for employers

Career Ready will offer phone briefings for internship supervisors, particularly new supervisors, to help them prepare for the role. Supervisors will also be contacted after internships have finished to gather feedback to help us improve the internship experience next year. More information and dates will be posted shortly.

We advise that you download and save a copy of the Internship Employer Handbook, which includes tips, advice and some forms to help guide your work with the student. Following feedback from volunteers in previous years, and in an effort to reduce our carbon footprint, we are not providing printed copies of this handbook. However, if you have any concerns about this please let us know.

Before the internship, all students attend a masterclass on Preparing for Work, which helps them to understand their responsibilities during their placement and how to behave in a professional setting. During the internship period we ask our school and college coordinators to visit the students at least once to review their progress and check there have been no issues. If an issue arises with the student's attitude, conduct or performance we encourage you to speak to the coordinator in the first instance. However, if the problem persists your organisation's standard policies should be followed - which may include terminating the contract.

Any questions?

If you have any questions about the internship process, or would like more information about offering a work placement to a Career Ready student, check out our internship FAQs (below), speak to your Regional Manager or contact our Business Development Team.


In addition to the support offered by our regional team, we have also created a library of resources offering more information, guidance and support with offering an internship.

Example internship projects - England, Wales and Northern Ireland

A list of example projects and work that could be given to students during internships - to support local internship campaigns in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Internship Job Description Form

Internship job description form for employers (in England, Wales and Northern Ireland) to complete and return by the end of March.

Internship FAQs

We understand that hosting an intern requires planning and support, and that our employers often have a lot of questions to begin with.

Sample interview questions

Sample non-competitive, strengths-based interview questions for students ahead of their internship work placements.