I think this is an excellent opportunity to help the next generation of people entering into the job market by giving them some of the skills and knowledge that can help them to succeed.

Campbell Urquhart, Managing Director, The Urquhart Partnership

The Masterclass Series 

This is the chance for you, as a volunteer, to meet students and engage with  them directly about your experience and share your expertise. Our masterclasses are structured to deliver the key Skills for Career Success, which underpin the Career Ready programme.  So students gain practical and current employment knowledge as well as inspiration from you. Delivering a masterclass will also give you a feel for the students – what they know, how they think and the way they view work.

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We provide speaker guides for each of our series of masterclasses, which run in a sequence, each one building on the last. They give you the space to talk about your own career journey and a structure for delivering core masterclass information.  This might be on communication, selling yourself or career pathways – you choose which to deliver from our list.

It’s a refreshing challenge to engage with and hold the attention of a group of young adults and we provide some top tips to support you. The boardroom may never daunt you again.


It’s a precious commodity in the modern workplace, especially for more senior people. Each masterclass is scheduled to last just over an hour so you can share your knowledge and have a maximum impact on young minds in a short amount of time.

Whether it’s a one-off, once a year or more regularly, you will find that delivering a masterclass is the perfect way for you to broaden the work horizons of bright young people in your area and get them interested in your business.

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