Internships and Workplace Visits

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Internships, alongside workplace visits and workshops, play a vital role in the Career Ready programme, opening up the world of work to young people.

Our students get a feel for the workplace and realise the incredible possibilities that are out there for them. 


George carried out valuable market research and helped to win a new client. As a result of this hugely successful and enjoyable experience, we were delighted when George took up our offer to join the team as a digital marketing apprentice. 

James Brayshaw, Managing Director, Winshaw 

Internships are an invaluable feature of the Career Ready programme. Our students experience what it’s really like to work and put their skills and knowledge into practice. It can also be a life-changing experience. You might even get to witness the lightbulb moment when a student realises what they want to do in their career.  

I did my internship with IT@spectrum, a technology business operating in Yorkshire, and they offered me a full time role once I've finished my studies. Now I have the skills and experience that put me ahead of most other job applicants

Scott Baker, student, Archbishop Sentamu and AstraZeneca Student of the Year 2016

As an employer, you provide a work placement of at least 140 hours (usually paid) in the summer of the Career Ready programme. This is your chance to spot future talent and see what a Career Ready student can do for you. Of course, our students aren’t undergraduates and they may need more support, but this allows your employees to enhance their development skills. Also you may be surprised how swiftly our students progress. With the right preparation, you will find that having a determined and able Career Ready student on your team is incredibly useful and rewarding.

Our 140 hour internship echoes the format set by the National Academy Foundation (NAF), our sister charity in the US. The NAF has set 140 hours as its gold standard for internships as it is the minimum time needed to allow a young person to work as part of a team, complete a project and develop confidence in the workplace. 

We recently launched our 140 hours campaign to encourage more employers to offer paid internships in order to boost social mobility, bridge the skills gap and develop a talent pipeline.

Workplace visits

Workplace visits and masterclasses are an exciting way for you to engage with the Career Ready programme. It is often the first time our students have entered a workplace and it’s an experience that can have a deep effect on them. Also, hearing their reactions to your familiar day-to-day environment can make you see your own business in a new light. 

Visits usually start with a tour of the workplace followed by a workshop. In these workshops you can discuss anything from employability skills (such as CV writing or dressing for success) to the organisational structure of your business or wider subjects such as corporate social responsibility.

Workplace visits and workshops are a simple but effective way to bridge the gap between school and the world of work.

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Internship Handbook for Employers - England, Wales and Northern Ireland

The Internship Handbook provides information for an organisation’s main internship contact as well as tips and advice for staff who will be managing and supporting a student during the placement.