Without Career Ready I would not have gained the confidence needed for a career in science

I had no idea how much Career Ready would change my life. Without them I wouldn't be able to pursue my dream career in astrophysics.

Amy Unett, a nominee for the 2017 AstraZeneca Award, shares how her time on the Career Ready programme helped her develop the skills, confidence, and qualities needed to kick-start a successful future.

Before I started the Career Ready programme I really struggled with anxiety and had very little confidence. I was desperately looking for an opportunity that I could throw myself into where I could face my fears and work against my anxiety. I had no idea how much Career Ready would change my life!


Career Ready has really helped me to develop my self-confidence and allowed me to improve my communication skills, time management, people skills, ability to succeed in interviews, and my problem-solving skills – the list really does go on.


My two Career Ready mentors – Euan and Collette – have been so significant in helping me to grow and develop so much as a person.  It’s so great to have an experienced adult by your side to help when you’re feeling low in confidence or need advice. I’ve had two mentors (one had to move to Panama for his job) and both of them have been nothing but lovely and so helpful. Sometimes you just can’t ask your mum for help with UCAS or CVs.

Winning the AstraZeneca Award would be amazing and be really rewarding for all the hard work I’ve put in. I want to go into a STEM career and I believe that it will also benefit me immensely in the future with interviews and CVs. Plus,  I’d also love to go to CERN again – when I went the LHC was undergoing repair work so we weren’t allowed to see it…and my brother broke my souvenir mug…

I know that without Career Ready I wouldn’t be able to pursue my dream career in astrophysics. Even though my Career Ready experience wasn’t related to astrophysics, or even STEM, whatsoever, I still believe that without it I wouldn’t have gained the confidence, transferable skills and life experience needed for a career in the science field.

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