Without Career Ready I would be walking into a role I didn’t enjoy

Without Career Ready I would be walking into a role I didn’t enjoy.

Harry Donnelly, from Prior Pursglove College,  who is a winner of Career Ready’s AstraZeneca Award, talks about how his time on the Career Ready programme has helped him develop the skills, confidence and qualities needed to kick-start a successful future.

Before I got started on the Career Ready programme I was incredibly low in confidence and much less ambitious than I should have been. My planning and organisation skills were also far from ideal…it would have taken a miracle to get me close to even entry-level roles.

Thanks to my time on the Career Ready programme, and my internship at Mobile Mini UK, I’ve developed my ambition and confidence in ways that I couldn’t even imagine. I’m immensely grateful for the whole experience and will carry it will help me tackle any future obstacles without the fear of failure. I know that without Career Ready I would be working in a role I didn’t enjoy, keeping myself to myself, and not taking full advantage of the wonderful experiences life has to offer.


I think that the most significant influence on me during my time on the programme was Paul Grainger, my Career Ready Coordinator.


Paul really influenced me because he has already achieved the type of change I want to experience. He used to lack in confidence as well but now he is really confident, and this is exactly what I want to achieve.

I’ve really enjoyed my time on the Career Ready programme and winning this award would be the highlight of an undoubtedly life-changing experience. It really would give me an incredible sense of achievement, pride and graduate. 

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