The next generation has a lot to offer the workplace

Seb Coombs, Operations Manager of the Hive Enterprise Centre, shares his experience of hosting workplace visits and how they’ve helped young people kick-start a successful future.

The next generation has a lot to offer to the workplace so we’re always looking to give young people the chance to prove themselves in our business centre as much as we can. The challenge today’s young people face is that they are sometimes not able to communicate their ability until given the right opportunity.


Schools simply do not have the capacity to provide a work placement service on their own anymore.This is where Career Ready comes in - their Employability for All programme gives students that opportunity.


I think that the biggest impact we’ve had through our involvement with Employability for All is by being able to offer young people the space we have at the Hive to help them see the realities of a modern workplace.

Being able to see our facilities being used and enjoyed by students is personally very rewarding, as - hopefully - it will give them the experience and confidence to be successful in the future.

Learn more about how Career Ready works with employers to help young people kick-start a successful future, or get involved today and make a lasting difference.