My internship will be the foundation of my career

Thanks to my internship I now know that I can achieve my potential.

Hannah Daly, a graduate of the Career Ready programme from Salford City College, shares how her Think Build internship at Barnyard Consultants gave her the skills and experience to secure an apprenticeship at Wates Group. 

Before my internship at Banyards, I had no real insight into the building industry and I had no idea what the role of commission management, engineering or building services would involve. 

My time at Banyards soon changed this. It allowed me to expand my network and learn more about the construction industry, especially as it made me more aware of the variety of the roles available in the sector.

The best part of my internship was being on site and getting a real feel for the role Banyards has in bringing major projects to life. I also enjoyed working as part of the team with highly qualified people and learning from their experience, especially as I was able to bring my own ideas to the table and develop my existing skills. 


You can’t gain experience like I did from a textbook- it’s a hands-on way to learn. Internships can differentiate your application form the next candidate. It will be the foundation of my career. 


My internship gave me a clear and defined goal for the future – I was made to feel as if I can achieve anything when I put my mind to it. I now know that I can achieve my potential. 

Joining the Career Ready programme is something which I’d recommend to every student who’s starting to think seriously about their future. Every person who completes the programme walks away with a wealth of knowledge and valuable experience. Being a part of Career Ready has been one of the best decisions of my entire life. 

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