My confidence has increased and I’ve gained relevant work experience

My confidence has increased and I’ve gained relevant work experience.

Louisa Aktemel, from Whitehill Secondary,  who is a nominee of Career Ready’s AstraZeneca Award, talks about how her time on the Career Ready programme helped her develop the skills, confidence and qualities needed to kick-start a successful future.

I used to lack confidence and had no experience of professional environments, I was also really unsure of what I wanted to in my further studies and future career. Thanks to Career Ready I was able to get an internship at Lockheed Martin, the technology company, which really helped my self-confidence grow and allowed me to gain some really useful work experience which is relevant to the career I want to pursue.

My time at Lockheed Martin has been really significant in helping me to grow as a person. I was able to work on a software development project where we had to code a parking rota website. This really helped me to develop my programming skills and reinforced my wish to pursue computing science as a future career.


Without Career Ready and the opportunity they gave me at Lockheed Martin, I wouldn’t now be studying computer science…I may even have not applied to university at all without the support of Wilson, my mentor.


Winning the AstraZeneca Award would be a massive bonus to what I have already achieved, and just being a finalist is something which I’m really proud about and will mention to future employers. Winning the award would make me so proud of all I have accomplished throughout my time on the Career Ready programme.

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