I've really improved my self-confidence and I'm now working hard to achieve my potential

I've really improved my self-confidence and I'm now working hard to achieve my potential.

Danielle Halford, from Cardiff & Vale College, a nominee for Career Ready’s Sir Win Bischoff Award, talks about how her time on the Career Ready programme has helped her develop the skills, confidence and qualities to kick-start a successful future.

I used to be timid, quiet and completely unconfident in my ability. I’ve struggled with confidence issues since I was a child and I genuinely thought it wasn’t a possibility for me to overcome it – but I did thanks to Career Ready.

Being part of the Career Ready programme, with my internship at Santander, and the support of my mentor Caroline, has completely transformed me. I’ve really improved my self-confidence, which used to be my biggest barrier, and my motivation has improved so I’m now working hard to achieve my true potential. Most importantly I think though, is that Career Ready has made me happy as I now have a life direction.

The most significant influence on me during my time at Career Ready was my mentor who was really inspiring and helped me develop the skills and confidence I now have. Without their support, and the opportunities provided by Career Ready I wouldn’t have dream of achieving what I have done this year – I’m now on a career path I want to be on and I’ve got some really inspiring goals I’m working towards. 

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