I feel passionate about encouraging young minds to study STEM subjects

Danielle Killen, a Senior Developer at Seagate Technology, is a Carer Ready mentor and winner of the Standard Life Mentor of the Year Award 2017 for Northern Ireland. Here, she shares her experience of mentoring Claire and how she has been able to give her the skills, confidence and experience to kick-start a successful future.

I chose to get involved with Career Ready as I know that the journey to a dream job can be difficult. I wanted to help make this journey easier for others by sharing my experience and providing guidance where I can. I also feel really passionate about getting as many young people into STEM as possible, as they are the scientists and engineers of tomorrow, so volunteering with Career Ready seemed like a great way to achieve this.

Seagate Technology was very supportive of me getting involved with Career Ready as they are committed to the promotion of STEM subjects and helping young people prepare for the world of work.

During my time mentoring Claire, I feel that I’ve helped her develop key skills which are essential in the world of work. I’ve also helped her to be confident in her own knowledge and application of skills and by helping her to see that her voice matters.


Without Danielle I would not be the person I am today. I am very lucky to have her as my mentor, because she is constantly committed to ensure that I succeed in every way possible. 


Although mentoring is a big commitment and responsibility, it feels great to have helped Claire grow as a person so it’s certainly something which I’d recommend doing!


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