Hopefully one day I will motivate other young women to study STEM subjects

Hopefully one day I will motivate other young women to study STEM subjects.

Papia Islam from Haverstock School Sixth Form, who is the winner of our 2017 AstraZeneca Award, talks about how her time on the Career Ready programme has helped her develop the skills, confidence, and qualities needed to kick-start a successful future.

Before I started the Career Ready programme I was extremely shy and afraid of meeting new people and speaking in public. This has completely changed thanks to my time on the programme as I've really grown as a person. 

I’ve really grown a lot as a person thanks to my internship at The Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health and the support of Rachel, my mentor. 


I’m much more self-confident and believe in my own abilities a bit more, I’m able to speak and perform in form of large and small groups of people. I’ve also really developed key workplace skills such as my written and verbal communications ability. I know that without the support of Career Ready and the opportunities they have provided me, I would still be a shy person afraid to speak up and take chances.

I think that the most significant influence on me during my time at Career Ready was when I attended the International Women’s Day event at Olswang. I was able to meet successful business women and lawyers and I was really inspired and motivated to be as successful as them…hopefully, I will one day be able to motivate other young women to study STEM subjects.

Winning the AstraZeneca Award is one of my proudest achievements and is motivation for me to do well in my A-levels and then progress to university. It’s also a reward for believing in myself and having the confidence to grasp opportunities and make the most of them.

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