Career Spotlight: Charlotte Healy, Head of Risk Analytics, Marsh.

In the first of a new series, we're putting the spotlight on Charlotte Healy, Head of Analytics at Marsh, to discover more about her role, career journey, and the skills she uses every day. 

Did you know what career you wanted when you were at school?

I attended a normal comprehensive school in South Wales. I wasn’t really sure what career I wanted to pursue, but I really enjoyed studying maths. It wasn’t until a university careers fair that I discovered the role of an Actuary. The world of finance and insurance seemed exciting, however I didn’t have the benefit of a professional network or links through my family. I applied for over 30 graduate jobs during my final year of university so I was so excited when I finally received an offer after so many rejections. That application process taught me how to manage rejection, take feedback on board and ultimately never give up, definitely qualities needed throughout any career.

My first job following university was on the graduate scheme for Zurich Insurance. I remember going to the assessment centre with loads of other candidates, I tried to relax and just be myself and it worked! I studied for my Actuarial qualification while working for Zurich, it was a lot of hard work and dedication but keeping sight of my goals really helped. Starting my actuarial career at Zurich opened a lot of doors for me including giving me the opportunity to work abroad which was amazing.

What does your current job role consist of?

Today I work at Marsh as the Head of Marsh Risk Analytics, I manage a team of 35 analysts who support clients in making financial decisions using data and analytics. The top three skills I use every day would be problem-solving, analysis and communication and I think studying maths has helped me with all of those things. I spend most of my time thinking about creative ways to solve problems and communicating the solutions. Being able to articulate very complicated data analysis in an appropriate way to clients and other staff members is vital.

What challenges do you face within your current role?

I love the variety of challenges that come with my job, and now that I manage a large team, a lot of my role is strategic decision-making.

The recent pandemic has come with its own set of challenges, we have all had to adapt very quickly. Regular contact with my team has been key and working remotely has further tested my communication skills.

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