Career Ready really broadens the horizons of those on the programme

I could really see the value of what Career Ready was trying to achieve in areas of deprivation.

Ian Levers, an Associate at Mott MacDonald, is the Career Ready Mentor of the Year for Yorkshire & Humber. Here, he shares his experience of mentoring Nazia and how he has helped her develop the skills, confidence and experience needed to kick-start a successful future.

When I found out about Career Ready it struck a chord with me as I have gone down several different routes to get to where I am today.

Careers advice when I was at sixth form was a basic computer programme that asked a set of questions and outputted a limited number of careers for you to consider. I could really see the value of what Career Ready was trying to achieve in areas of deprivation and I wanted to become a part of that change.

Career Ready really broadens the horizons of the young people on the programme and it develops them professionally beyond the realm of a standard academic education.  Young people who are on the programme have a definitive edge over those who aren’t on it.


Without Ian I don’t think I would have been successful as I have been in my first year of college.  With Ian’s support all the way I have been able to always strive for the best and complete my work to my very best ability.



The most important thing I’ve done as part of Career Ready is being an active and regular attendee at events. It’s at these events where students are interacting with business people and learning from their experience - something that wouldn’t happen in normal day-to-day classroom activities.

Being a mentor is really rewarding because you get to see young people from all background develop into young professionals and forge a clear strategy for their future. It also gives you benefits your own professional development as it enhances your coaching and mentoring skills.

Learn more about the impact you can have as a Career Ready volunteer, or get involved today and make a lasting difference.