Call for internships


Internships play a vital role in opening up the world of work to the diverse and talented pool of young people on our programme.

Our students get a feel for the workplace and realise the incredible possibilities that are out there for them. Our students experience what it’s really like to work and put their skills and knowledge into practice. It can also be a life-changing experience. You might even get to witness the lightbulb moment when a student realises what they want to do in their career.  

The following page and resources have been collated to support Career Ready staff, school/college coordinators and LAB members with the 'internship ask'.

Making the ask

We would encourage everyone to get in touch with their contacts, either existing or new internship providers, using the email templates provided (see bottom of page for all resources). If in doubt, please contact your Regional Manager or get in touch with our Business Development Team who work with our national employer supporters. 

Why not tailor your ask with quotes and links to our case study library? Our library of case studies can now be filtered and searched by region, programme activity, school or employer which means you can include local or industry-specific information in your emails to prospective internship providers e.g. internships in the North West or internships at Citi.


Spreading the word

In support of 'making the ask' we have created some sample social media posts (see below) for you to share with your followers on Twitter and LinkedIn. We will also be asking our stakeholders to like and share our social media content that will focus on internships over the coming weeks and months. If in doubt, the easiest thing to do is to share some of our social media posts or to share an internship case study to help raise awareness.

National employers 

Career Ready is currently in discussion with our national employer supporters regarding the internships and work experience placements they will be able to offer to students.

You do not need to contact our national employer supporters regarding internship placements. Your Regional Manager will allocate internships to your school/college and will share job descriptions with you along with any instructions. They will then share the student's application with the employer who will contact the student to arrange an interview. Assuming the employer is happy with the match, we will then confirm it.

Our national supporters are: ACCA, AIG, ANZ, AON, Arcadis, ARM, AstraZeneca, Aviva, Balfor Beatty, Bank of England, BP, Brighthouse, Citigroup Foundation, Diageo, Engie, Freshfields, HSBC, Kaplan, Leidos, Mace, Marsh, Moodys Foundation, Morgan Stanley, Network Rail, PA Consulting, Pladis, Salesforce, Sillicon, Valley Bank, St James Place, Standard Life Aberdeen, Turner & Townsend, Wates, Wells Fargo.


Locally-sourced internships

Any internships that you or your LAB members source will be handled slightly differently. Please submit Job Description forms (see below) along with student name(s) via your Regional Manager as soon as you secure the placement.

Job Description form for locally-sourced internships

To ensure we have correct details for every student’s internship or work experience placement, please ensure you complete and return (via your Regional Manager) our job description form.

Internship Job Description Form

Internship job description form for employers (in England, Wales and Northern Ireland) to complete and return by the end of March.

Call for internships - email templates

Template marketing emails for Coordinators and LAB Members in England, Wales and Northern Ireland to use to promote their Career Ready programme to potential local employer supporters and ask for support with internships.

Call for internships - social media templates

Share this text as a post on your Twitter & LinkedIn profiles as an excellent way to tap into your existing network and ask for internships.

Intro and call for wider support - email template

Template introduction and marketing email for Coordinators in England, Wales and Northern Ireland to use to introduce Career Ready to potential local employer supporters and ask for wider support.