Our objectives

Our mission is to ensure that - by 2021 - 90,000 young people graduate from our programme every year able to kickstart rewarding futures. Our objectives for achieving this are simple and meet the needs of our young people, employers and partner schools & colleges.

A positive destination for every student

98% of students who take part in our mentoring & internship activities go on to a positive destination after they finish school or college, either starting university, studying an apprenticeship, or entering the workplace. 

This is compared to only 89% of students nationally who go on to a positive destination. 

A future workforce with the skills & experience to succeed

We work with employers & expert organisations across the UK to ensure that our young people develop the skills, behaviours, and attitude to succeed in the modern workplace.

Every student takes part in a series of sequential skills for career success masterclasses, with their development tracked to ensure that they leave able to succeed in the workplace.

93% of our students said our masterclasses increased their understanding of the world of work.

Expert careers support for schools & colleges

We work in partnership with schools & colleges to provide students with the expert careers guidance and activities they need to succeed in the world of work.

Our range of employer-led activities, from whole-year group assemblies to one-to-one mentoring, help deliver 7/8 of the Gatsby Benchmarks. 

All our activities are informed by external research, teacher and employer feedback, and the progression of our young people.

99% of teachers said our sessions built upon and enhanced their students’ prior learning.

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